Current Work

I am currently doing my PhD research and am part of the BayesWatch research group. I'm looking into how, why, when, and what deep neural networks do in order to create internal hidden representations that result in good generalisation in a reasonable amount of time.

Past Research

I was a researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa, focussing on the following areas:

The Hybrid Fingerprint

The hybrid fingerprint is a blend of the surface and internal fingerprints, extracted from 3D penetrative optical coherence tomography fingertip scans.

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Fingerprint Blending

Using a scaling-resolution approach to roughly align fingerprints, and a optimal perspective transform to fine-tune this, fingerprints can be aligned and blended.

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Secure Fingerprints

Optical coherence tomography scanners grant access to the Internal Fingerprint: a highly-secure, damage and distortion resistant, high-resolution fingerprint.

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